Kick-In Prevention

Most people do not know how doors are set up. The don’t know that with a standard outside door, behind the trim and drywall, there is a 1/2 inch space between the door jamb and the wall stud, and only a few short screws or nails holding the door frame in place. The door jamb or door frame is typically soft pine wood for looks, not strength. That’s why it is relatively easy for some to kick-in your door.

HLK are installation specialists of ┬áStrikeMaster Pro II, a ┬ákick-in prevention product that not only stops the wood from splintering and the thirteen 2.5″ case harden security screws that come standard with the product penetrate through the frame of the door into the wall studs. The steel strength of Strike Master II Pro, and the shearing strength of the custom security screws, absorbs and disperse the energy from a kick, giving you the safety you are seeking and rendering the kick useless.